Problems with Insurance Companies

Bad faith can refer to an entity not honoring a commitment or obligation — it is the opposite of good faith. Insurance companies make a commitment to those who pay their insurance premiums, and they can be compelled to honor their commitments with the help of an experienced attorney.

Insurance bad faith is a serious problem for people who pay their premiums for years and expect their carriers to do the right thing. Sometimes insurance companies are unresponsive and uncooperative — on purpose — because they know it saves them money. Specifically, insurance bad faith can take the form of:

  • Denying a valid claim — a claim related to a loss covered by homeowners insurance, hazard insurance or automobile insurance
  • Delaying settlement and payment of a claim
  • Not responding to your phone calls, letters or other communications

Is Your Insurance Company Making Life Difficult For You?

Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. If your insurance company is refusing to keep its end of the contract — whether by refusing to honor a claim or by inappropriately delaying its response to you — we can help. We have decades of experience dealing with problematic insurance situations.

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