Commercial Construction Claims

Construction litigation is often complicated by the number of parties, drawings, change orders and contractual rights between the parties. Attention to detail is crucial, since cases are frequently won and lost by what is or is not found in the records. Coordination, scheduling and communication can be challenging among industry leaders in large scale design/build or design bid build projects. Whether the claim is against a general engineering consultant, the owner, the designer or builder, clearly identifying the relative rights of the parties in their contracts is usually the first step in the claim process. The Wenholz Law Firm has the experience you need coupled with creative fee structures many clients need to resolve their commercial construction disputes.

Residential Construction Defects

Poor construction techniques and lack of attention to industry standards frequently result in latent defects that are nearly impossible to detect when you buy your home. Once the defect is discovered, the damage is usually done. Builders may string you along for months promising to help you, when in the end, their solutions are simply Band-Aids on a much larger problem. Knowing how to navigate thru the Residential Construction Liability Act is key. The lawyers at the Wenholz Law Firm can help you diagnose the real cause of the defect and steer you though the red tape to a long lasting solution.

Foundation Damage

Are there cracks in the molding and above doorways in your house? Are your doors sticking and not shutting properly? Do you see cracks in the garage and exterior of the home in the stone? If any of these symptoms exist, your home may be experiencing structural problems. Most warranties cover the foundation for 10 years. Additionally, many homeowner’s policies will cover some portion of foundation repairs. The Wenholz Law Firm has years of experience handling foundation damage cases across Texas. We will shoot you straight and keep your case on the level.

In an effort to build homes faster and more profitably, many big builders are using substandard materials and cutting corners instead of providing quality workmanship. If you live in a home that is less than five years old and have experienced cracked floors, walls or ceilings, visible leaks, water build-up, separated siding, cracked stucco, persistent mold or fungus, wood rot, erosion under driveway, leaking pipes, frequent electrical outages, wet insulation in attic, or other unexpected problems, you may be a victim of defective construction.

At The Wenholz Law Firm we work closely with building inspectors and construction professionals who can often advise you on how to fix your situation immediately. These professionals work closely with our experts and attorneys to help get you the best results possible. Our dedicated team has the experience and resources to help bring even the biggest builders to justice.

Many home warranty agreements now include a binding arbitration clause, which may severely limit the homeowner’s ability to take the builder to court. If there is such a clause in your agreement, binding arbitration may be your only option. At The Wenholz Law Firm we have aggressively represented clients in binding arbitration to ensure that the construction company lives up to the warranty agreement that they signed.

If you have been the victim of a bad builder or contractor, call us at (877) 337-9173.

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